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Plano Texas Car Window Tinting


Your choice for Tint in Plano


Dent Legends is the premier installation shop for any type of window tint application in Plano, TX. We pride ourselves in producing a factory-quality look and help our clients to maintain that look for the life of ownership. We want to ensure that your tint is always bonded to the glass and in pristine condition. Our line of auto window tinting films will give you the look you want while reducing heat, saving the interior and protecting the occupants from harmful UV rays. Our line of paint protection films will keep your paint looking great by reducing knicks, scratches and abrasions.

Prices may vary depending on the model of the vehicle

ATC Tint


This is the lowest level of heat rejection. It is great for privacy and style but, offers limited heat rejection. is is the lowest level of heat rejection. It is great for privacy and style but, offers limited heat rejection.

CTX Tint


CTX – Ceramic film offers entry level heat rejection. This film will keep your vehicle noticeably cooler. It will tame heat, glare, and UV rays without sacrificing connectivity. Create a smart, stylish comfort zone with CTX.

IRX Tint

Coming Soon!

Nano film offers the ultimate heat rejection available today. This film will keep your vehicle cool and comfortable through the hottest summer.


What are the Tint Laws?

  1. Windshield Tint: In Texas, you are allowed to have non-reflective tint along the top 5 inches of the windshield. The tint should not extend below this line. This portion of the windshield is often referred to as the “AS-1 line.” Reflective or mirrored tint is not permitted on the windshield.
  2. Front Side Windows: Window tint on the front side windows (driver’s side and passenger’s side) must allow at least 25% light transmission. In other words, the tint should let in at least 25% of visible light.
  3. Rear Side Windows and Rear Window: There are no specific restrictions on the level of tint for the rear side windows or the rear window (rear windshield) in Texas. You can use any level of tint on these windows.
  4. Medical Exemptions: Texas allows individuals with a medical exemption certificate to have darker window tint on their vehicles, including the front side windows. However, the certificate must be carried in the vehicle at all times.
  5. Reflectivity: Tinted windows must not be excessively reflective, as this can pose a safety hazard to other drivers. The tint should not have a high level of metallic or mirrored appearance.
  6. Sticker Requirement: If you have window tint on your vehicle, you must have a sticker or label that indicates the tint’s compliance with the law. The sticker should be placed on the driver’s side window between the glass and the film.

It’s crucial to follow these regulations to avoid potential legal issues, including fines or having to remove illegal window tint. Keep in mind that law enforcement officers may use tint meters to measure the level of light transmission through your vehicle’s windows during traffic stops.

Window tint laws can vary by state and can change over time, so it’s essential to verify the current regulations with the Texas DPS or another official source before applying or modifying window tint on your vehicle.


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Based on 51 reviews
Adam Remington
Adam Remington
My black Lexus was in bad shape after getting hailed on , and now it looks like it never happened, thanks to Andre, the owner! He was very professional and prompt. He worked with my insurance company and made the whole process pain and stress free. He communicated well with me thru the process and got my car back to me much faster than I expected. If I get hailed on or need window tint in the future, I'm going back to Dent Legends. Customer for life now! I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else. Thank you, Andre!!
Raphael Korang
Raphael Korang
Got a ding over the holidays when some overly eager shopper smashed their door into mine. After getting over the irritation and annoyance, I started looking at places to get it fixed. I went to DL after calling around a few places and their prices were very reasonable. They were also open to work on it the next day. Took the car in and waited while Curtis worked on the dent. He was able to make it look like it never happened! I took the car home and being the perfectionist that I am, I noticed the next day that the buffer used left some rotary lines when you looked at it from a certain angle in the direct sunlight so I took it back. Curtis, apologized for the oversight and buffed it right out. I hope I don't ever need a dent repair again but would definitely use them if I do!
Amy Oleson
Amy Oleson
Amazing customer service and impeccable workmanship. You have a customer for life.
Erika Bethea
Erika Bethea
Great work on dent repair. Professional, quick, good pricing. Went above and beyond.
Michael Wyner
Michael Wyner
Valet dent was driving me crazy. In the shop at 10:00 done by 12:00. Looks perfect and the price I was quoted was the price.
Very professional, and my truck looks flawless. Would recommend!
Ted Carolus
Ted Carolus
I asked the service department of our dealership, Park Place Lexus, for a recommendation for a hail repair service. They recommended Dent Legend. Park Place uses them when there is a hail event at the dealership. Dent Legends absolutely lived up to the recommendation. It was a pleasure to meet Kaiden Anderson at our home to see our vehicle’s hail damage and learn about their service. Kaiden took care of setting up the claim with our insurance company and came to pick up the vehicle for repairs on a Saturday. The car was returned Monday afternoon and looks like new! The whole process was a pleasure!
Aschlen harborth
Aschlen harborth
48 hours to get my car fixed!!!! Caiden and his team were my hail damage concierge! They took care of me and my boyfriends vehicles and dealt directly with our insurances and gave me a referral bonus! Family owned business and kind professional people. If you don’t get your hail repair done here, you’re crazy!
William Coyle
William Coyle
This was easily the best car repair experience I have had in 30 years. Andre was extremely knowledgeable and professional and had my Lexus' hail damage repaired in the quick turnaround time I requested. Their repair work was spotless. It looks like it never even happened.
G-Man Outdoors
G-Man Outdoors
Great customer service!! Worked well with both myself and the insurance company to repair hail damage.