Dent Legends can help fixing dents during the Texan Winter.

Dent Legends Provides Less Expensive Hail Damage Repair Faster

In 2018, 508 hail events placed Texas first among the four states that experienced the most hail storms. Repairing a vehicle damaged by hail costs $35-$75 per dent depending on the size and location of the dent. Nationally, from 2014-2018 the average cost of repairing autos damaged by hail was $119.36 million. For Texas residents living in or near Plano hail dent repair service is available that reduces the expense of having hail damage fixed.

Why Repair Hail Damage

Unrepaired hail damage can cause a vehicle’s paint to crack and peel leaving bare metal without protection from the elements. Cosmetic issues like a series of dents hurt the resale value of a vehicle. As long as the cost of hail repair doesn’t equal or exceed the value of your vehicle you will want to have it repaired by a professional body shop.

Avoid PDR Do-It-Yourself Kits

Purchasing a paintless dent repair kit and tackling the repair yourself may be financially tempting. Doing bodywork properly requires experience and finesse. Sheet metal is not very forgiving so a mistake removing a small dent can create greater damage that may not be fixable. Accessing a dent often requires the removal of panels and trim pieces. You have to be able to identify those pieces and know how to remove and reinstall them without damaging them. A poorly executed attempt at hail damage repair will adversely affect resale value. In Plano dent PDR service performed by Dent Legends protects resale value.

Paintless Dent Repair

According to the aforementioned Plano dent PDR service, PDR is faster and less expensive than traditional dent repair methods. A paintless dent repair is only an option if the paint is intact and the hailstones did not pierce the metal. Only a qualified PDR technician can determine if PDR is an option.

PDR Explained

Dent Legends the Plano Hail Dent Repair Service describes PDR as using specialized tools to massage the sheet metal back to its original shape. Paintless dent repair involves getting behind the dent and pushing it out from the inside2. Depending on the location an experienced PDR technician can repair a dent in a few minutes. Between the labor costs involved in metal preparation, priming, applying the paint, blending the fresh paint with the old paint, and the cost of materials repainting a repaired area is an expensive proposition. With PDR there is no need for painting and that is how PDR saves the customer money and gets their car or truck back on the road sooner.

Dent Legends

A Plano hail dent repair service with two decades of experience Dent Legends is located at 705 K Avenue. While they work on all makes and models Dent Legends has extensive experience repairing Lexus and Mercedes models. To see how effective PDR is view the Dent Legends hail damage before and after photos.

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