Dents caused by hailed can be fixed at Dent Legends in Plano Texas

What to Do About Hail Damage

Texas storms can bring a lot of hail damage, including golf-ball-sized hail that can put multiple dents in your car. Dent Legends are the Plano hail dent repair experts who know exactly how to safely and efficiently restore your car to new after hail damage.

You might be wondering what is involved in hail dent repair. Dent Legends uses a system of paintless dent repair that gives you a more efficient and cost-effective restoration. Plano paintless dent repair is the best way to remove hail damage without disrupting the original paint job.

Hail Damage in Plano

Hail damage can ruin your car’s finish, and gone unchecked, can lead to cracking and peeling of the original paint. This can ruin the value of your car and also make it an eyesore. Hail damage in certain parts of the state may be unavoidable, but repair doesn’t have to cost a lot or disturb your car’s factory finish.

Plano Texas Hail PDR

Hail PDR or paintless dent repair is a way of removing the dents using various techniques that keep your car’s original finish intact. Techniques may include various tools and applied pressure that restore the surface of your vehicle without cracking the paint. Professionals who know how to apply these methods are needed to ensure a proper repair, as there could be damage to the vehicle’s finish otherwise. Dent Legends are the Plano paintless dent repair experts who know how to perform this process and restore your car to like-new status, thus maximizing your car’s curb appeal.

The Process of Paintless Dent Repair

Plano Hail Dent Repair experts Dent Legends are experienced with assessing the damage to your vehicle and planning exactly how to remove dents and restore your car’s factory finish. The area around the dent is prepared, and then the experts go to work finding the best entry point to restore the dent. This may mean removing panels, doors, and so forth, which takes the proper tools and know-how.

Dents have to then be carefully inspected to know exactly the best approach to take before attempting to restore the dent. Mistakes can lead to cracks in paint, which no one wants. A careful analysis of the dent is required before proceeding.

Not only must the experts at Dent Legends proceed with care and caution, but they must also make sure they are using the right tools and techniques for each dent. This takes time and patience, but the result is worth it. Traditional paint and body repair that uses body fillers never actually address the dent. These types of repair cover up the dent with filler and new paint and lower the value of your car. The dent is still there, just covered up. Paintless dent repair is a less expensive process and returns your car to its original condition.

If you have experienced hail damage in Plano, be sure to call or stop by Dent Legends to learn more about paintless dent repair and how the experts at Dent Legends can restore your car’s factory finish and get you back on the road and looking good.

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