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Dent Legends is the premier installation shop for any type of window tint application in Plano, TX. We pride ourselves in producing a factory-quality look and help our clients to maintain that look for the life of ownership. We want to ensure that your tint is always bonded to the glass and in pristine condition.

Our line of auto window tinting films will give you the look you want while reducing heat, saving the interior and protecting the occupants from harmful UV rays. Our line of paint protection films will keep your paint looking great by reducing knicks, scratches and abrasions.

Prices may vary depending on the model of the vehicle.

ATC Tint


This is the lowest level of heat rejection. It is great for privacy and style but, offers limited heat rejection. is is the lowest level of heat rejection. It is great for privacy and style but, offers limited heat rejection. 

CTX Tint


CTX – Ceramic film offers entry level heat rejection. This film will keep your vehicle noticeably cooler.  It will tame heat, glare, and UV rays without sacrificing connectivity. Create a smart, stylish comfort zone with CTX.

IRX Tint

Coming Soon!

Nano film offers the ultimate heat rejection available today. This film will keep your vehicle cool and comfortable through the hottest summer. 


Nowadays, you don’t need the darkest tints to block out the radiation and to protect your interior from roasting. Now, anyone can have custom tints installed to protect their health and their vehicle.

In most states, you can also get away with full blackout tint on the rear windows. Texas is no exception. In Texas, the rear side windows can be lined with any type of tint. The rear window can also have any degree of darkness but only 25 percent VLT (Visible Light Transmission) without external side mirrors. Since most car owners have external side mirrors, this allows them to use any style or opacity of tint.

The front windows can become more complicated. In Texas, the front windshield must allow 25 percent VLT. But this is only allowable for the top five inches or above the AS-1 line of the manufacturer. The side windows must also have a VLT of 25 percent or greater. In any case, the windows in the vehicle must have only 25 percent visibility


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There is a very common misconception about what the percentage means when speaking of window tint. Many think that the percentage (ex. 20%) stands for the amount of shade that they will be getting once the tint is applied to their vehicle.

This is incorrect. Tint shades represent the Visible Light Transmittance of the film. To put it simply, 5% tint does not have 5% shade, instead it only ALLOWS 5% of light to pass through. 

This can be confusing, but it is important to note the difference in a state like Texas where only 25% Shade is allowed on the Two front door Windows. 

Typically, 5% Tint is ONLY allowed on the back portion of the vehicle. This means the Two Back door windows,  and the Rear Glass. 

Having 5% on the Back portion of the vehicle is only recommended if you have previous experience driving with Dark Window Films due to the difficulty seeing out during the night time. 

Window Tint Shades

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