Dent on Car

We have all been there before.

A poorly selected parking space at the supermarket, a low wall or barrier pole in your blind spot, or even an unforeseen hail storm can leave you with an unsightly dent in your precious ride…

In the past, dents such as this were either hammered out from the inside or repaired with pull tabs welded to the affected area and pulled out with a slide hammer. Both methods lead to the need for repainting the repaired area. This process can take be quite expensive as well as taking weeks to complete.

What is PDR?

With the advent of paintless dent repair, not only can repairs be performed in a matter of hours instead of days, but the end result retains the factory paint integrity and at a fraction of the cost of traditional repair. Paintless dent repair is a set of methods using specialized tools to gently and systematically relieve the stresses invoked by the dent in the body panel. When performed correctly by expert technicians, this process restores the integrity of the sheet metal and reduces the damage to the paint layers negating the need to repaint. Obviously, having the ability to restore the factory paint is preferred and for several reasons.

No Need to Re-Paint!

Your vehicle’s paint is more complex than many people understand. It is composed of several layers, each with a prescribed purpose and an optimized composition and thickness. The first layer is typically a primer, which seals the natural porosity of the sheet metal and neutralizes the surface tension. The primer also promotes adhesion of the coming layers of paint. The primer is followed by the color layers. Depending on the type of paint, the color layer can be 1 to 3 or more layers. This set of layers is responsible for setting the visible color including any pearl or metallic effects. the color layers are sealed by several layers of clear coat. The clear coat is responsible for providing the bulk of the protection from UV rays and can be as many as 5 or more layers. All of the painted layers are carefully designed and any deviation in a given panel can be a source of weakness, leading to the ultimate degradation of the entire panel. 

When a body panel is dented with minimal or no scratches or creases, it means that the panel is deformed, but the paint is still intact. Traditional dent repair uses crude methods to reshape the metal, destroying the paint in the process. Even with the best repainting methods, the final result will be inconsistent with the factory paint and will represent a weak point in paint integrity if not a visual mismatch. PDR manages to move the sheet metal back into shape without damaging the original paint.

Paintless Dent Repair in Dallas

In Dallas PDR has become a growing field due to the many advantages over traditional repair. While there are many options available for Dallas PDR, it is important to stick with expert service providers for the best results. Dent Legends are a leader in paintless dent repair Dallas. Their experienced and certified team of professionals has provided hundreds of clients with high quality restorations.

Paintless dent repair Dallas doesn’t have to be a stressful choice. Go with the experts at Dent Legends and get your car back to like-new condition, today!

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