The winter season can be a lovely and calming one. It’s also a time of inclement weather conditions of all kinds. Temperatures can get pretty low during the winter months. Hail is an unpleasant weather possibility during the season as well. If you look at your vehicle and realize that hail has done a number on it, then you should take action as soon as possible. You can take action by hiring Dent Legends City Line Auto works for our Dallas hail PDR service. We’re a renowned business that’s associated with a host of pertinent automotive specialties. We give our customers.

Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair
Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair
Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair
Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair

Dallas car window tinting service that can promote discretion, minimize glare, and decrease interior discoloration. We give them in-depth paintless dent repair work as well. We cater to customers who are situated all throughout the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas. We regularly work with people who have observed significant hail-related destruction on their vehicles after the winter months. Why exactly do people in the region appreciate our auto shop so much? They are grateful for the commitment we offer the members of our customer base daily. They’re grateful for our exceptional track records, too. We’ve been accommodating Mercedes and Lexus aficionados for more than two enriching decades at this point. We’ve been accommodating people who own vehicles of all different models and make for a lengthy stretch of time.



ATC Tint

This is the lowest level of heat rejection. It is great for privacy and style but, offers limited heat rejection.

If you have dents on your vehicle that are the result of hail damage, then you'll probably figure that out by yourself. Dents are unsightly. It's not easy to miss them. There are other things that can signify hail damage, too, however. It's critical to be on top of them. Be on the lookout for unsightly dents that are situated on the trunk, doors, and hoods of your vehicle. Make a point to zero in on the sides as well. Assess your doorjambs at length. Are they caught in the same position? Do they have any dents at all?

Take a careful look at the windshield of your car. If you pick up on any splits or cracks, then hail is most likely the culprit. Evaluate your mirrors and windows for any hints of splitting as well.

Are your mirrors gone? If they are, hail may have forced them to fall to the ground out of nowhere.

It's crucial to be aware of all of the things that are often linked to hail destruction. You should aim to take care of vehicle hail destruction as soon as possible, too. Waiting around for repair work can often be a huge mistake. It can in many situations also be pretty hazardous.

The last thing you ever want to do is drive around the city without your vehicle's essential mirrors. Your aim should always be to be a driver who is 100 percent responsible no matter what.


Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair
Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair

In most states, you can also get away with full blackout tint on the rear windows. Texas is no exception. In Texas, the rear side windows can be lined with any type of tint. The rear window can also have any degree of darkness but only 25 percent VLT (Visible Light Transmission) without external side mirrors.

Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair
Dent Legends - Paintless Dent and Hail Repair

The front windows can become more complicated. In Texas, the front windshield must allow 25 percent VLT. But this is only allowable for the top five inches or above the AS-1 line of the manufacturer. The side windows must also have a VLT of 25 percent or greater. In any case, the windows in the vehicle must have only 25 percent visibility.

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Owners who are in need of meticulous hail dent repair work and owners who are in need of comprehensive window tinting service, too.


Why exactly should you choose us for all of your dent repair and window tinting? We know how to fix dents of all types and sizes.


Our contractors know all about the most effective and dependable car window tinting practices and first-rate window films.



There is a very common misconception about what the percentage means when speaking of window tint. Many think that the percentage (ex. 20%) stands for the amount of shade that they will be getting once the tint is applied to their vehicle.

This is incorrect. Tint shades represent the Visible Light Transmittance of the film. To put it simply, 5% tint does not have 5% shade, instead, it only ALLOWS 5% of light to pass through.

This can be confusing, but it is important to note the difference in a state like Texas where only 25% Shade is allowed on the Two front door Windows.

Typically, 5% Tint is ONLY allowed on the back portion of the vehicle. This means the Two Back door windows and the Rear Glass.

Having 5% on the Back portion of the vehicle is only recommended if you have previous experience driving with Dark Window Films due to the difficulty seeing out during the night time.

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